Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh is one the most coveted destination for wildlife tourism, especially for tourists who wish to see the Tiger in the wild. Not only does it attract wildlife enthusiasts interested in watching the apex predator, the reserve is also quite popular among wildlife lovers who wish to see some rare species found in the park as well as those who are interested in watching different species of birds, reptiles and butterflies.

The Reserve is mainly recognized for the presence of majestic Royal Bengal Tiger,which is the national animal of India and one of the most fascinating animal in the world. BTR with its dense forest, bamboo vegetation, vast grasslands along with some perennial streams offers an excellent habitat for the solitary predator. Over the years under the expert management practices of administrative body the reserve has witnessed a significant rise in number of the Tigers and is among the top reserves with high density of big cat. Together with abundance of prey species in tourism areas, its one the best parks to sight Tiger in its full grandeur.

Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve has great historical significance as well which is evidenced by the presence of the famous Bandhavgarh fort, various caves, rock paintings inside the protected area.Thus Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is a unique national park where nature and history are inseparable.

The park consists of distinct areas namely ‘Bandhavgarh National Park’, ‘Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary’ which make up the “core area” and the adjoining notified “buffer area” spread across the districts of Umaria, Shahdol and Katni of Madhya Pradesh state of India.